The Headteachers’ Roundtable-Launches its Education Manifesto

The Headteachers’ Roundtable  an influential,  non-party political group of Headteachers, operating as a think-tank, exploring policy issues from a range of perspectives, is seeking to shape the education debates in the lead-up to the next election. Very deliberately they are moving beyond structures  to focus on what happens in the classroom, and the quality of teaching . This is about practitioners appealing directly to politicians , and the Gove team are monitoring closely what HTRT is  proposing .

The HTRT  goal is ‘ to provide a vehicle for people  working in the profession to influence national education policymakers so that  education policy is centred upon what is best for the learning of all children.’

Launched on May 7th 2014, exactly one year before the General Election, the Education Election Manifesto  aims to stimulate discussion around five key policy areas:

• A World Class Teaching Profession

• A rigorous, inclusive and flexible curriculum and qualifications framework

• Intelligent accountability

• Coherence in a fragmented system

• Tackling Underachievement at the Source

The manifesto outlines ten key policy proposals.  Over the coming months the HTRT  will produce more  detailed policy statements suggesting how each proposal could be implemented in practice.

Ten Policies towards a Great Education for All

1a: To introduce the entitlement to a professional development programme leading to QTS for all  teachers after a maximum of two years’ induction and a masters-level professional qualification  after five years.

1b: To implement the blueprint for the College of Teaching with compulsory membership for all teachers.

2a:To introduce a National Baccalaureate framework following the Headteachers’ Roundtable  model.(see Note)

2b: To introduce progressive qualifications in English and mathematics up to Level 3 to facilitate continued study to 18 for all learners.

3a: To implement an Intelligent Inspection Framework.

3b: To stabilise Performance Measures.

4a: To harmonise freedoms across maintained schools and academies.

4b: To Introduce Transition Standards Grants to incentivise innovation towards systematic primary- secondary progression.

5a: To develop a National 0-5 Parent Support Strategy.

5b: To establish a National Recruitment Fund.

A Great Education for All The Headteachers’ Roundtable  Education Election Manifesto 2015



One correspondent, an experienced teacher, author  and education consultant  wondered how much this would all cost ? Quite a lot he suggests.


HTRT proposals for National Baccalaureate:





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