What Got You Here Won’t Get You There


Leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith says  that the very traits that enabled you to become   a successful leader  in the first place might, paradoxically, ultimately  lead to your downfall. He  suggested to leaders  that ‘what got you here wont get you there’.

Now that you are a leader, your behavioural quirks and weaknesses take on more weight and significance, and can do more harm than they could when you were an up-and-comer. The premise is that by continuing to do what we are doing we will not  be likely to  move to the next level.  We may, of course, enjoy continued success  but if we stop doing some things and start doing other things, there’s a better chance for even greater effectiveness and a higher level of success. Charles Handy in his book the Empty Raincoat (1995) expressed it as the paradox of success: ‘what got you where you are, won’t keep you where you are, is a hard lesson to learn.’ (page 58)

Lessons here maybe for some school leaders?



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