The latest High Fliers study suggests the top employer of new graduates in 2013 is Teach First, with 1,260 vacancies, followed by the consultancy firms Deloitte and PwC, planning to hire 1,200 new graduates each. Teach First, inspired by an American scheme, recruits top graduates into teaching and supports them to ‘ raise the achievement, aspirations and access to opportunity of pupils from low socio-economic backgrounds.’ The trainees join its Leadership Development Programme which involves teaching for a minimum of two years, achieving a PGCE and wider leadership skills training. After the two years, more than half the graduates  continue to teach within schools in low-income communities, with many moving into middle and senior leadership positions. Those who don’t stay in teaching have acquired useful skills that they can use throughout their careers but have also developed an understanding of teachers and teaching that may help raise the status of the profession.

Research from Aston University confirms the conclusion from the High Fliers report (Jan 14) that graduates need work experience while at university to stand a better chance of gaining graduate employment. The study shows that placement courses can double a student’s employment prospects. Yet fewer placement courses are currently being offered by universities.



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