Seems to be quite similar, but some differences


Don’t Goves ABacc proposals look a bit like the Welsh Baccaluareate? The Government is planning to introduce the “Advanced Baccalaureate” – a new college leaving certificate.

Under  the  plans, teenagers will be awarded the  ABacc for successfully completing a 5,000 word dissertation-style essay and undertaking voluntary work – in addition to their three specialist A-level subjects. The Government said the plans – currently at a draft stage – were intended to make sure teenagers were better prepared for the demands of university, particularly elite institutions belonging to the Russell Group.

The Welsh Baccalaureate is a qualification for 14 to 19 year old student sin Wales.

It combines personal development skills with existing qualifications like A levels, NVQs and GCSEs to make one wider award that is valued by employers and universities. The Welsh Baccalaureate aims to give broader experiences than traditional learning programmes. The core of the Welsh Baccalaureate counts for 120 UCAS tariff points, equivalent to an A Grade at GCE A level.

The Welsh Baccalaureate aims to achieve a broader, more balanced curriculum for 14-19 year olds, helping students to develop knowledge and skills that higher education institutions and employers want them to have when they leave school.

The emphasis is on learning through doing, and the same value is placed on vocational as academic qualifications.

The Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification consists of two parts:

Core – consisting of five components i.e. Key Skills, Wales, Europe and the World, Work-related Education, Personal and Social Education and the Individual Investigation.

Options – courses / programmes currently offered e.g. General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), Vocational GCSE (VGCSE), Advanced Supplementary / Advanced (AS / A levels), National Vocational Qualification (NVQ), Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC), Principal Learning and Project Qualification.

Together, the Core and Options make up the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification.

It is kind of  similar, but the Abacc doesn’t give a focus on practical education

The International Baccalaureate is different again, but with some similarities, to both the ABacc and WelshBacc. Although some want the IB introduced to the state sector, it is seen as too challenging for rather too many students, and is also relatively expensive because it requires more teaching time.

Both Lord Adonis and Lord Baker have  come up with ideas about how to incorporate more vocational/ practical skills within a new Tech Bacc qualification .


The term Baccalaureate is somewhat overused. It has a modern European feel  about it and implies   independent study, breadth  and lateral thinking.  So the Ebacc or EBC isnt, strictly speaking, a Baccalureate   at all.


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