Continuous Professional Development

Education Secretary tells Select Committee of the potentially transformative role of high quality CPD in raising standards


In a letter (3 Sept)  to the Chairman of the Education Select Committee, the Education Secretary , Michael Gove,  firmly endorsed the importance of Continuous Professional Development in the teaching profession,  its link to improving teaching quality and ‘ its potentially  transformative impact on standards’.

He wrote ‘I believe that that high quality professional development is a fundamental component of improving teacher quality’ Gove added that it was important that Headteachers had a clear idea of what works and that this is then embedded in schools. The Government’s role, rather than prescribing an hour’s  based approach, should be more about helping  schools to identify what works best . He listed in the letter ‘collaborative development of practice by groups of teachers, enquiry- based research, reflective practice, and peer support mechanisms such as coaching and mentoring’, which need to be embedded in schools to be effective.  He drew attention to the fact that there are examples of best practice in the growing network of Teaching schools and elsewhere.

There  is broad acceptance now, given the impact of high quality teaching on pupil attainment,  that high quality CPD is an essential element in any education  reform programme  and that  initial teacher training is just the beginning  of the journey in the professional development of teachers.



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