The School Information Regulations 2012

If you run a school-you may need to up-date its web site

Ebacc information required


Schools should  take note  that from September 2012 there are changes to the law  covering  exactly what information  is required on your schools web site  . The rules have become more detailed because from September the website can be the ‘school prospectus’ and the requirement to annually publish a prospectus  disappears.

There is no need to panic.  Many schools, most probably,  will already have a detailed website that covers most of the new requirements  with Curriculum information, detailed calendars, info about staff, etc.  It is important though to read the new Regulations.

Information has to include for example.-The  Name, address, telephone number  of school  , information on admissions, including any selection or over-subscription criteria, and information about where parents can access the Local Authority’s composite prospectus. Also  links to the most recent OFSTED report and to the School Performance Table on the DfE Website. And, of course,  a statement about the school’s ethos and vision.

At KS2 you must ,for example,  include: (a) % achieving Level 4 or above in Eng & Maths, (b) % achieving Level 5 or more in English, (c) % achieving Level 5 or more in Maths, and (d) % making ‘expected progress.

At KS4 you must include: (a)% achieving 5 A*-C in GCSEs or Equivalents including Eng & Maths, (b) % achieving the English Bacc, and (c) % of pupils making expected progress

This is by no means all the information required. Go to the School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 (Statutory Instrument  2012-1124) and have a closer look if you are worried.


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