Will be made subject to the  Freedom of Information Act


The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) is not currently subject to the freedom of information requests under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  It is one of the bodies that were consulted on possible inclusion in a section 5 order (that is an order made under section 5 of the Act that allows the Lord Chancellor to designate an organisation that exercises a public function as a public authority) However, to date, no decision has been made.  Academies, for example ,used not to be subject to the FOI but were last year  included under section 5 in order to ensure greater transparency.  It is expected, though, that ISI will be subject to an order later  this year and the Ministry of Justice will liaise with all organisations that will be affected by the order to ensure that they will be able to meet the requirements once the order has commenced.  Independent schools not under the remit of Ofsted are inspected by either the Independent Schools Inspectorate, Bridge Schools Inspectorate or Schools Inspection Service.  The inspectorates work to a framework consistent with that operated by Ofsted.  Further information may be obtained from the individual inspectorates. Contact details can be found using the following links:

Bridge Schools Inspectorate

Independent Schools Inspectorate

Schools Inspection Service



Academies are inspected under the same inspection framework as for maintained schools so all inspections are undertaken by Ofsted.  Some of these inspections are led by HMI, others by lead inspectors appointed by Ofsted’s inspections service providers. (ie Tribal, Serco, CfBT Education Trust). All inspectors have to operate to the standards of HMI.  The selection of inspectors ,of course,  for the inspection of Academies is solely a matter for Ofsted and its inspection contractors.




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