Progress-what progress?


It is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the first integrated school in Northern Ireland, Lagan College, Belfast. Since 1974 the All Children together Movement (ACT) had been lobbying the Churches and the Government to take the initiative in educating Protestant and Catholic children together. Although public polls demonstrate high levels of public support for mixed religion schools and excess demand for them, it is an arresting fact that still only seven per cent. of children in Northern Ireland attend integrated schools which seek to promote mutual understanding, between the catholic and protestant communities.   So, it  is still perfectly possible for a protestant  child  in Northern Ireland to go through their foundation, primary and secondary education  without meeting a single  catholic  child and ,of course, vice versa.

So ,not much has changed in schools,  it seems, since the 1970s. If you think it has,  do let me know, please.


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