Independent careers advice should cover 13-19 cohort, not just 13-16


Careers England ,the Trade Association for employers in the careers advice and guidance industry in  England, in  its written submission the Education Bill Committee,  says that Ministers need to be persuaded to make changes to strengthen the  Education Bill (current Clauses 26 & 27) either by amendments to the Bill, or at a minimum through Parliamentary Assurances during the passage of the Bill.

Careers England is clearly concerned that, against the backdrop of significant  local authority cuts, authorities risk being in breach of their statutory duty to ensure young people have access to professional  careers advice. They want the Government to hold authorities to account on this, pending the  establishment of   an  all age careers service.

The Education Bill places a duty on schools  to secure access to independent, impartial careers guidance for all pupils aged 13 to 16, and schools  will be free to decide how to do so based on the needs of their pupils . CE  questions why this duty is limited to the 13-16 cohort. It should cover up to 19.

Top priorities according to the submission are:

a. The new duty on Schools to secure independent careers guidance must include the whole 13-19 cohort (transitions after 16, as much as pre-16, are increasingly complex), and must cover all options/routes/providers of learning and work.

b. All Schools (and parents, young people and their future employers) need to be assured that every ‘approved’ provider of the newly secured careers guidance will meet the same robust national quality standards required of the aaCS providers, and that all specialist careers advisers delivering such services to any School in England meet the professional standards of competence required of the aaCS workforce.

c. All providers of this newly secured careers guidance must be required to contribute to a single the universal client record management system (preferably derived from CCIS) which LAs and the new aaCS will together (as yet undefined how) need to maintain across the age range.

Careers England Submission to Education Bill Committee


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