The Department for  Education has released its ‘ Business Plan’. OK, its not a business but its  business -like   plan surely  merits praise:

First, ‘Learning from the international evidence, provide parents with more choice between high quality schools, give all schools more freedom, and reform funding arrangements to be fairer, more transparent and to deliver value for money.’

Increase the number of Academies Introduce new Free Schools; Introduce new University Technical Colleges;

Introduce a new pupil premium for disadvantaged pupils; Reform the complex funding systems for schools revenue and capital funding

Second, ‘Ensure that all children gain the knowledge they need to prepare them for adult life, through a reformed National Curriculum and more robust academic and vocational qualifications up to the age of 19’

Promote the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics in schools

Reform the National Curriculum in primary and secondary schools

Reform and free up the qualifications system

Third, ‘Trust those who work in our schools and other services, replacing the current system of Whitehall bureaucracy with autonomy for professionals

‘ Support teachers in securing good behaviour in schools

Reform and reduce the number of the Department’s arm’s length bodies

Work with Ofsted to reform the inspection regime for schools and local authority children’s services

Fourth, ‘Recognising that the quality of the workforce is fundamental to all other reforms, we will reform teacher training, professional standards, and pay and conditions, and also improve social worker training, capacity and retention’

Attract the best entrants into the school workforce and then develop them through effective initial teacher training and continuing professional development

Reform teachers’ standards, pay and conditions

Recruit, train and improve the capacity of social workers who work with children and families

Fifth ‘ introduce new support for the Early Years by retaining a universal offer, while also ensuring that services and opportunities reach those in greatest need’

Retain a national network of Sure Start Children’s Centres with a core universal offer, while also ensuring that they deliver proven early intervention programmes to support families in the greatest need

Ensure access to sufficient and high quality Early Years provision

Sixth, ‘Help children to fulfil their full potential, by supporting families and focusing support on improving the lives of the most vulnerable children’

Review and reform provision for children with special educational needs, disability and mental health needs

Improve arrangements for protecting children from harm Improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of the care system

Improve opportunities for, and support available to, young people

Take steps to end child poverty and improve the life chances of the poorest Increase support for families experiencing difficulties


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