Yet another study focuses on the quality of teaching


In ‘ The Teachers of 2030: Creating a Student-Centered Profession for the 21st Century, Barnett Berry, the President  and CEO of the Centre for  Teaching Quality,  invites US policymakers and teacher leaders to rethink today’s teaching policies by imagining the knowledge, skills and qualities teachers must have in the year 2030 — just two decades from now.

To support this discussion, Berry introduces the views of 12 accomplished American teachers who are currently writing a book on the future of teaching. This Teacher Solutions 2030 team, supported by Metlife Foundation has identified four emergent realities that they believe will shape education over the next 20 years  First, a transformed learning ecology for students and teachers. Secondly, differentiated professional pathways. Thirdly, seamless connections in and out of cyberspace and, finally, what is termed ‘Teacherpreneurism and the global educational marketplace. This latter theme posits that there  is too much bureaucracy, limiting opportunities to innovate or for teachers to be entrepreneurial in their approach. It’s a risk averse culture that effectively hinders progress. (sounds familiar?)

This monograph discusses these realities and also focuses on levers of change to address them, by building a robust and adaptable teaching profession. With study after study pointing to the powerful effects of qualified teachers and the quality of  teaching on student achievement, Berry says it   is clear that any effective vision for education’s future must focus on access for all students to excellent teaching.


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