Letters: 10 september 2009


 Children & Young People Now 10 September 2009

As a taxpayer I was interested to read about the remuneration enjoyed by IT staff at the Youth Justice Board (YJB) (CYP Now, 27 August-2 September). With Mike Mackay, the YJB IT manager, on £336,000 per annum and many IT staff on over £100,000, the returns from this taxpayer-funded quango, for IT staff at least, are very lucrative indeed.

But the YJB has yet to explain why it is worth so much, and whether it delivers value for money. Mackay earns more than the vast majority of quango chiefs, including the head of the YJB, and more than the Prime Minister. On this basis he is worth 10 times what a frontline worker is in the secure estate. Perhaps the YJB could explain why this is the case – to us taxpayers and these workers.

 – Patrick Watson, managing director, Montrose Public Affairs Consultants


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